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By , 2009/03/07 @ 12:01 am

r02_lemurr05_17159729r13_17010111Extensa galería de Robots – The Big Picture @….
Sistemas robóticos continuan evolucionando, penetrando lentamente muchas áreas de nuestras vidas, desde manufactura, medicina y exploración remota para entretener, para seguridad y asistencia personal. Desarrolladores en Japón se encuentran construyendo robots que ayuden a las personas de tercera edad, mientras la NASA desarrolla la siguiente generación de exploradores espaciales, y artistas exploran nuevas avenidas de entretenimiento. Aqui se encuentran un puñado de imágenes de nuestro pasado reciente de robots, y un vistazo al futuro cercano.
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  1. Natalia on said:

    One huendrd to three huendrd is not expensive for a trading robot, in fact most are above that price range. If I were going to trade using a $100 robot it would have to be Fap Turbo I mean 4 years and still no complaint beyond its lack of settings adjustments, it being set up for traders who aren’t very good yet. That is a plus if you are the new trader. And also they sell some sort of forex robot optimization guide that easily ups the bot to acceptable levels for a great trader when the need arises.I use to think they all were scams, at least commercial robots but over time I have found a fw that actually do what they say they do, at least function wise. I have yet to meet the robot that will take me fro $47 to 1.56 million dollars in a year Many make promises like that.

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